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Skin Mass Specialist

Henry E Martinez, MD -  - Breast and General Surgeon

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Henry E Martinez, MD

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Whether it’s skin cancer, an abscess, or a slow-healing wound, a skin mass requires specialized care from an experienced surgeon. At Lake Jackson Surgical Clinic, skilled general surgeon Henry Martinez, MD, brings his years of specialized skin mass experience to patients in the Lake Jackson, Texas, area. He offers both nonsurgical and surgical care in a convenient and easy-access setting, so reach out by phone or use online booking to schedule an appointment.

Skin Mass Q & A

What is a skin mass?

A skin mass is a growth anywhere on your skin. Skin masses can be cancerous (malignant) or noncancerous (benign). There are many possible causes of a skin masses, with the most common including: 

Skin cancer

Skin cancer can cause skin masses anywhere on your body. It’s most common in the areas that get regular sun exposure, including the face, ears, scalp, chest, arms, and legs. Skin cancer masses range from small and nearly flat to pronounced bumps, and they can be any color.


Abscesses are skin lumps caused by pus accumulation beneath the skin. Usually, skin abscesses happen with a bacterial infection. Abscesses can occur anywhere on your body. 

Other possible causes of skin masses include inflammatory reactions, hormone fluctuations, and trauma. If you have a new skin mass, it’s important to see Dr. Martinez at Lake Jackson Surgical Clinic promptly so he can identify and treat it. 

How are skin masses treated?

Treatment for skin masses varies quite a bit based on the form of the mass and its underlying cause. Dr. Martinez may use nonsurgical treatments like abscess drainage, and then monitor your healing. In some cases, you may need medication for a bacterial or other type of infection.

For suspicious or cancerous skin masses, surgical removal is the best treatment. Dr. Martinez is a talented surgeon who can expertly remove skin masses along with a small amount of surrounding tissue to eliminate the cancer effectively. 

Whether or not you need surgery, most skin mass treatments are outpatient procedures that allow you to return home the same day. 

When would I need wound care for a skin mass?

If you have a skin mass that breaks open and won’t heal, it’s called a chronic or nonhealing wound. At least 6.5 million Americans have nonhealing wounds. If your wound doesn’t heal as it should, Dr. Martinez may recommend wound care. 

Wound care can involve both nonsurgical and surgical approaches. With wound care, the focus is on eliminating necrotic (dead) tissue and stimulating healing within your healthy tissues using specialized protocols. 

At Lake Jackson Surgical Clinic, Dr. Martinez brings skill and compassion to skin mass treatment. Call the office or book your appointment online today.