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Breast Cancer Surgery Specialist

Henry E Martinez, MD -  - Breast and General Surgeon

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Henry E Martinez, MD

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Breast cancer is the most common cancer other than skin cancer affecting American women today. To preserve your health and enjoy the longest life possible, breast cancer surgery may be the best solution. At Lake Jackson Surgical Clinic, expert breast surgeon Henry Martinez, MD, uses advanced surgical methods to remove cancerous growths and restore your health. Call the Lake Jackson, Texas, office or use the online scheduler to arrange your consultation today.

Breast Cancer Surgery Q & A

When would I need breast cancer surgery? 

If you have breast cancer, surgery likely is part of your treatment. Your reason to have breast cancer surgery can vary, but in general, the goals are:

  • Removing the cancerous mass
  • Determining if the cancer occurs outside your breast
  • Relieving the symptoms caused by late-stage breast cancer
  • Restoring your breast’s natural appearance

Breast cancer surgery may be just one of the treatments you need. Some women benefit from radiation, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy, or other protocols as well. 

What is breast cancer staging surgery?

In breast cancer staging surgery, Dr. Martinez removes lymph nodes under your arm. Breast cancer staging determines how large your tumor is, whether the cancer also occurs in your lymph nodes, and whether it occurs in other parts of your body. 

With this information, Dr. Martinez can better predict your recovery. You may have breast cancer staging surgery either before or during your breast cancer surgery. 

What are the types of breast cancer surgery? 

The two primary forms of surgical breast cancer removal include:

Breast-conserving surgery

In breast-conserving surgery, Dr. Martinez removes the cancerous growth but leaves as much of your healthy breast tissue intact as possible. 

This surgery varies based on the size of your cancerous tumor and other individual factors. Other names for breast-conserving surgery include lumpectomy, partial mastectomy, and segmental mastectomy. 


A mastectomy means Dr. Martinez removes the entire breast. A double mastectomy removes both breasts. As with breast-conserving surgery, mastectomies vary with your needs. In some cases, Dr. Martinez may also remove nearby tissue along with the breast. 

At Lake Jackson Surgical Clinic, Dr. Martinez explains your surgical options, possibly including reconstructive surgery, and helps you make the right choice for your health and longevity. 

How long is recovery from breast cancer surgery?

On average, the hospital stay for mastectomy is three days or less. Most women recover at home over a period of a few weeks. 

Dr. Martinez gives you specific advice to make your recovery as easy and comfortable as possible. This usually includes taking your pain medicine when needed, doing daily arm exercises, and getting plenty of rest for the first couple of weeks. 

Dr. Martinez understands that it’s frightening to face breast cancer, so he’s your partner in healing. He performs the surgery most likely to remove your cancer, end your symptoms, and maximize your chance of recovery. 

To learn more about breast cancer surgery, call Lake Jackson Surgical Clinic or use online scheduling.