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Gallbladder Surgery Specialist

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Henry E Martinez, MD

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Around 1 million Americans have gallbladder removal surgery every year. If you have gallbladder inflammation or gallstones, surgical removal could be the best solution. At Lake Jackson Surgical Clinic, expert surgeon Henry Martinez, MD, uses advanced gallbladder surgery methods including laparoscopic surgery to end your discomfort and gallbladder complications. Contact the Lake Jackson, Texas, office through online scheduling or by phone today to arrange your consultation with Dr. Martinez.

Gallbladder Surgery Q & A

What is gallbladder surgery?

Gallbladder surgery, or cholecystectomy, is a procedure to remove your gallbladder. Your gallbladder is a tiny organ that stores bile from your liver. Bile helps you process dietary fat.

Gallbladder surgery is one of the most common surgeries performed in the United States today. You might need gallbladder surgery if you have gallstones or gallbladder inflammation. 

What are signs that I need gallbladder surgery?

If you have some of the following symptoms, you may have gallbladder issues requiring immediate attention: 

  • Right side abdominal pain below your ribs
  • Abdominal discomfort after eating
  • Gas 
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Chronic diarrhea

Dr. Martinez can assess your symptoms and diagnose your specific issue. If you have a gallbladder condition, surgery is usually the best option for long-term symptom relief.

Other treatments, like antibiotics for mild inflammation, may help with gallbladder conditions, but surgical removal is the most effective because it's the only curative treatment. 

How does gallbladder surgery work?

There are two types of gallbladder surgery, laparoscopic and open. Dr. Martinez has advanced training in laparoscopic surgery, and he typically performs laparoscopic gallbladder surgery because it requires fewer incisions and allows you to heal much faster than open surgery. 

In laparoscopic gallbladder surgery, Dr. Martinez creates four tiny incisions in your upper right abdomen. He places a tube containing a miniature camera into one incision, and moves surgical tools through the others. 

Dr. Martinez views a video monitor to see your gallbladder as he manipulates the surgical tools to remove it. You may have an X-ray or ultrasound immediately after gallbladder removal so Dr. Martinez can check for gallstones in your bile duct. 

Finally, Dr. Martinez closes your incisions with a few small stitches. In most cases, you can return home the same day. 

Can I live without my gallbladder?

Yes. In fact, if you have chronic gallbladder symptoms, you’re likely to enjoy better health after your gallbladder removal surgery. 

Dr. Martinez can recommend a few simple dietary changes to minimize the risk of bowel issues such as diarrhea in the weeks after your surgery. This usually includes watching your fat intake, eating plenty of fiber, and having smaller but more frequent meals. 

If gallbladder symptoms are dragging you down, there’s no reason to live through that pain and inconvenience. With outpatient gallbladder surgery, you can feel better and live your best life. Call Lake Jackson Surgical Clinic or schedule an appointment online today.