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Henry E Martinez, MD -  - Breast and General Surgeon

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Henry E Martinez, MD

Breast and General Surgeon & Laparoscopic Surgeon located in Lake Jackson, TX

When it comes to general surgery like belly and bowel obstructions, it’s important to choose a physician with advanced training in this area. At Lake Jackson Surgical Clinic, board-certified physician Henry Martinez, MD, performs a variety of general surgeries using minimally invasive techniques that ensure faster recovery. Call the Lake Jackson, Texas, office or use the online appointment maker to book your consultation today.

General Surgery Q & A

What is an intestinal obstruction?

An intestinal obstruction, or a belly and bowel obstruction, means that you have a blockage that stops food and liquid from moving as they should through your small and large intestine. This leads to difficulty having normal bowel movements. 

There are many possible causes of intestinal obstructions, including: 

  • Adhesions: scar tissue buildup 
  • Inflammatory bowel disease: Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis
  • Diverticulitis: inflamed intestinal pouches 
  • Hernia: bulging section of intestine
  • Tumors: either benign or malignant (colon cancer)
  • Volvulus: twisted intestine

Intestinal obstruction is a serious medical issue requiring treatment. In the cases of total blockages, severe infection, intestine death, and other complications can occur. 

When do I need general surgery for intestinal obstructions?

Some intestinal obstructions may respond to nonsurgical care, such as a low-fiber diet for partial belly and bowel blockages. But, for total obstructions that don’t allow food or liquid to pass through your intestines at all, you need general surgery. 

How does general surgery for belly and bowel obstructions work?

At Lake Jackson Surgical Clinic, Dr. Martinez is an expert general surgeon who routinely performs belly and bowel obstruction procedures. The exact method for your surgery depends on factors that include the location and size of your obstruction. 

In most cases, Dr. Martinez performs minimally invasive surgery for belly and bowel obstructions. He makes about four tiny incisions in your abdomen and then pumps a carbon dioxide gas into your abdomen to improve visibility.

Dr. Martinez places a thin tube that features a tiny camera into one incision; the camera sends a live video feed to a monitor. He then inserts the surgical tools in the other incisions while viewing your intestines (in magnified form) on the monitor. 

Dr. Martinez surgically removes the obstruction from your intestine and any necrotic (dead) intestinal tissue. If he removes any section of your intestine, he reconnects it for normal function. 

Sometimes there’s not enough healthy intestine left to reconnect. Or you may need some healing time before Dr. Martinez can perform the intestinal reconnection.

In either case, Dr. Martinez can perform a colostomy or ileostomy, in which you eliminate waste through a bag attached to a surgical opening (stoma) in your abdominal wall. You may need a second surgery to reconnect your intestines later, after which you can eliminate normally.

To learn more, call Lake Jackson Surgical Clinic or use the online scheduler to book an appointment.